MySQL DBA Training 2

General Course Description

This instructor led hands on training course focuses on second half of the MySQL DBA training course and will ensure that all new or soon to be MySQL DBA's will feel at ease being a MySQL DBA. Students will get over 8+ hours of hands-on-labs! The labs account for over 80% of the class and allows the student to learn FIRST hand from real world scenarios. Your instructor is a former Sun Microsystems employee & a MySQL Certified DBA & have a minimum of 10 years of MySQL deployment experience.

Course Details: MySQL DBA Training 2

Class Details

Who Should Attend
  • Sales Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Database Administrators
  • IT Managers
  • Developers
  • Prerequisites
  • Basic understanding of databases - helpful but NOT necessary.
  • Understanding of installing and uninstalling programs.
  • Basic knowledge of the Internet, networks and ports.
  • Have read and know a little about MySQL.
  • Basic grasp of command line execution syntax and editors.
  • Course Outline

    Module 1 - MySQL Replication / High Availability

  • MySQL Replication Overview
  • Replication Limitations
  • Master to Slave replication
  • Master to Master replication
  • Group Replication

  • Module 2 - Index Primer

  • MySQL Indexing Overview
  • Index order, length and type
  • Redundant Indexes
  • Key Constraints

  • Module 3 - MySQL Backup and Restoring

  • MySQL Backup Primer
  • MySQL Backup Options
  • MySQL Backup Tools of Choice
  • Restoring MySQL
  • Point In Time Restoring via MySQL

  • Module 4 - MySQL Load Balancing Essentials

  • MySQL Load Balancing Overview
  • MySQL Proxy
  • MySQL Cluster
  • MySQL Load balancing via Heart Beat
  • Linux OS and Load Balancing and HA

  • Module 5 - MySQL Monitoring and Notification

  • MySQL Monitoring Introduction
  • Monitoring Options and Costs
  • Popular Monitoing Tools
  • What and How Often to Monitor
  • Monitoring in Action

  • Module 6 - MySQL Maintenance Essentials

  • Top 10 Things To Do During Maintenance
  • Other Systems Effected During Maintenance
  • Maintenance Frequency & Industry Best Practices
  • Step by Step MySQL Maintenance
  • 3 Popular Maintenance Workflows & Outcomes