MySQL Cluster 2 Training

General Course Description

This instructor led hands on training course focuses on second half of the MySQL Cluster training course and will ensure that all new or soon to be MySQL Cluster DBA's will feel at ease being a MySQL Cluster DBA. Students will get over 12+ hours of hands-on-labs! The labs account for over 80% of the class and allows the student to learn FIRST hand from real world scenarios. Your instructor is a former Sun Microsystems employee & a MySQL Certified DBA & have a minimum of 10 years of MySQL deployment experience.

Course Details: MySQL Cluster Training 2

Class Details

Who Should Attend
  • Sales Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Database Administrators
  • IT Managers
  • Developers
  • Prerequisites
  • Basic understanding of databases - helpful but NOT necessary.
  • Understanding of installing and uninstalling programs.
  • Basic knowledge of the Internet, networks and ports.
  • Have read and know a little about MySQL.
  • Basic grasp of command line execution syntax and editors.
  • Course Outline

    Module 1 - MySQL Cluster Security

  • How MySQL Cluster Communicates
  • MySQL Cluster Ports Needed
  • Securing MySQL Cluster
  • Securing MySQL Cluster Nodes
  • Securing MySQL Cluster Data

  • Module 2 - MySQL Cluster Replication

  • How MySQL Cluster Replication works
  • Top 3 Replication Options
  • Configuring Replication
  • How MySQL Cluster Handles Replication Conflicts
  • Replication Information Repositories

  • Module 3 - MySQL Cluster Backup and Restoring

  • MySQL Cluster Backup Overview
  • MySQL Cluster Backup Options
  • MySQL Cluster Restore Overview & Options
  • Backup Essential Parameters
  • NDB Cluster Backup Troubleshooting

  • Module 4 - MySQL Cluster Disaster Recovery Essentials

  • How MySQL Cluster Tells You It NEEDS Attention
  • Detecting MySQl Cluster Failure
  • Recovering The Various Cluster Components - Node, System, Data
  • MySQL Cluster Recovery Options
  • MySQL Cluster Quick Health Check

  • Module 5 - MySQL Cluster Tuning

  • MySQL Cluster Tuning Overview and Options
  • MySQL Cluster Tuning Parameters To Tweek
  • MySQL Cluster Tuning Using Explain
  • When To Tune MySQL Cluster
  • Identifying Low Hanging Optimization

  • Module 6 - MySQL Cluster Maintenance Essentials

  • How To Tell If The Cluster Needs Attention
  • How To Upgrade / Maintain Cluster Components
  • Creating Benchmarks To Help Maintenance
  • MySQL Cluster Rolling Upgrades
  • Where To Go From Here